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New Website!

June 12th, 2010

<ER> is now moving to http://shivaxi.com/unreal/

This website will no longer be updated, nor will it be deleted either.  It will remain here only as a piece time's history.











Unfortunately I can't run my Halloween server today (pathetic I know), so the only way I can contribute is this:

Halloween Mix!  Download --> From Here



1. Dom & Roland - Chaos Theory
2. Eye-D - Unicorn (Black Sun Empire Remix)
3. Dom & Roland - Deckers Theme
4. Zardonic - World Wide Warfare
5. Dom & Roland - Bring In The Funk
6. Zardonic - Oceanic Mysteria
7. Usual Suspects - Bodycount
8. Vortex Involute - Enjoy The Ride (Zardonic Edit)
9. Bad Company - Rush Hour (Sonic and Silver Remix)
10. Noisia - Believe
11. Jade & Matt U - Nightmare
12. Noisia - Cold Veins
13. Black Sun Empire - Arrakis
14. Insideinfo - The Argonauts
15. Sunchase - Save Us
16. B-Complex - Spirit
17. Ill Skillz - The Beat
18. B-Complex - Hunter (VIP)

Set that I did today way to early this morning.  Played mostly creepy-ish sounding tunes that I could fine.  Enjoy =)





My DJ Profile on tT:  http://www.torrentech.org/index.php?act=radiodj&code=showprofile&djid=54620

That's right, I've moved on from SciFiRadio and am now playing regularly on Torrentech Radio.  Catch me live whenever you see me posted to go on the schedule.

tT Schedule:  http://www.torrentech.org/index.php?act=schedule

tT also records every set I'll be doing, which you can catch here:

tT Sets:  http://radiosets.torrentech.org/?dj=Shivaxi

However, it's in 128kbps and also there's drops every now and then because of my damn wireless, so I'll be uploading my own recorded sets of each set in 320kbps with no drops on my own site here:

tT 320kbps Sets:  http://shivaxi.webs.com/music.htm

Played my first set today and uploaded it to the site...Enjoy ^^




Unreal Podcast 1 Released!


Finally released after a few some odd weeks/months of talking about it.  Turned out pretty good in me and Peanuts opinion, but lets see what everyone else thinks about:

A lot more info/links and talk about the podcast can be found at:

-Oldunreal Forums

-UnrealSP Forums

-<ER> Forums




As you may have noticed, the <ER> Servers now have their own stats page, which shows a many helpful things.  Soon there will be an advanced stats page for the Invasion server where players stats will be showed by the level they were on.  This will open up chances for competetitions and stuff, and will be awesome =P.

Forum link for this topic -->  <ER> Stats Page *woot*


In other news, the <ER> Coop Server has been Halloweened out!  It'll be running like this probably up to the end of November, when the <ER> Servers get changed to the Xmas theme ^^

Forum link for this topic --> Halloween Madness!




 The Bi-Polar Sessions 6!


Extended edition of the Bi-Polar Sessions, as I was covering for a DJ who had to leave early. Wicked set featuring all new tunes from myself, B-Complex, Nosia, Seba, Luca, and even Bop, which I never thought I'd find myself DJing. Turned out to be wicked though. Crazy set, a must listen. ^^

Check the Music section in the Nav Bar for download link and track listing.




The Bi-Polar Sessions 5!


I was angry at a lot of stupid shit that's been going on lately, so I decided to let it all out through my music.  I tore up SciFiRadio tonight with only the most hardcore DnB tunes in existence.  It's a wicked set and probably one of my best too.  Check it out on in the music section.




SciFi Radio is back! 

And I DJed my first recorded Bi-Polar Sessions mix since May!  Check the Music section under The Bi-Polar Sessions for this months mix!






Want <ER> to stay alive, and to keep playing on the <ER> servers, and to keep this website up?  Ok maybe not this website since this is freewebs, but the NEW website? (Coming Soon).  Then donate today!  Every little bit helps, and that's the truth.





Flightcastle (Shivaxi Remix) released!

That's right folks!  I finally finished the flyby remix of the Unreal intro I was working on some time ago, and it's free to download too!

Clikzor-->  Flightcastle (Shivaxi Remix)


In other news, Adaghar has officially graduated and is on his way to college!  Good luck matey...you'll need it =P




<ER> Servers back online!!  Forever!  I finally got my 24/7 server comp going.  The <ER> Servers shall never go down again.  And on top of that, I'm now also running the Oldunreal master server.  I'll be running Smirf's personal server as well too. ^_^

In other news, the last day of school for me was yesterday, so I'll have a lot more time to finish certain projects like WtfS2 and such.  =)




The <ER> Forum has been publicized!  Register and check out what's up.  You now have a place to post all your questions relating to <ER> or our servers.  Yes, OUR servers...that includes Pcube's server, Gizzy's server, and Drake's server as well.  Check the Nav Bar for the link.

And I swear to god, if I get "CaN I PLZ JOINZ <ER>" one more f*cking time, I'm going to shoot them through the head.........in Unreal...





Socket1 is no longer able to host the server, so it down temporarily at the moment. I will be running it myself once again once I manage to get a computer to my other house, where it will run 24/7 =D




Pcube has just launched his website as of today!  Currently it is in beta stages, and the only download available is XCoop, but he will be getting more unique downloads soon.  Did I say XCoop?  Yes, Pcube has released XCoop version 2.42 with client protection against admins force commanding.  Grab it at his website!

Unreal Development HQ

Also released it here on <ER>'s website, under Downloads/Mods & Mutators.




Posting this a little late, but

-May 10th, 2009 mix added to the Music section under The Bi-Polar Sessions.  Wicked set, dedicated to UnrealSP.  Went for the happy/upbeat/melodic style of DnB.

 Also Added:

-Dual Beta Automag to Download section under Weps

-227f Patch added to Download section under Patches & Fixes



Today is a very awkward day. 227f was released today, which is great news.  But someone also died today.  

His name is Max Hiller.  He was a student at my school, and he was in one of my classes.  We talked....didn't really hang out all that much, but i still knew him.  He committed suicide, for reasons unknown.  In all my life, he was the LAST person I'd expect to do such a thing.




The <ER> Coop server is now back online! woot! ^^  Thank you Socket1 ;)




Some of you may have noticed, I am no longer DJing on GT Radio.  I now have a show on SciFi Radio titled The Bi-Polar Sessions.  The name will make sense once you hear it ;)

Just uploaded 2 new mixes in the Music section from the Bi-Polar Sessions, one of them being just yesterday.  They're probably my best yet.  Definitely give it a listen.

EDIT:  Also just uploaded the track list for the 4/19/09 mix.  (You can find it in the Music section next to the download link for the mix)  I shall get to the 3/22/09 mix track list soon, and for future Bi-Polar Session mixes, I'll continue to do this. =)




GT Radio shut down, but then came back.  However I am grounded for the rest of my life, so I won't be DJing any time soon.  I'll update when I do though.

In other news, WTF Series 2's production has now been posted on UnrealSP.org


I will also keep updated on here.




Second live set on GT Radio is now uploaded in the Music section.  Another 2 hour mix featuring Nick (Lol_Peanuts) who was at my house at the time.  He doesn't say much though =P 



I have finally DJed over an actual radio station, GT Radio, and I recorded the mix and already uploaded.  You can find it in the music section.

I will also be DJing on GT Radio this Friday from 6 to 8 pm EST!  Don't miss it and give a shout out!  Check the Music section on how to connect to the radio. =)




Bad News:  Servers have been taken down for a while due to changing of computers.  Hopefully though, I will get the new computer up and running asap.

Good News:  New live mix by me, uploaded in the Music section ^^

More Bad News:  Freewebs turned gay, so now i can't edit the color of links.  So now the link to the new mix stands out like a f*cking zit on a mole rat...




First off.....HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY XMAS!!!  I know I'm a bit late....but hey, I've been busy.  I finally got my turn tables...and holy hell I've been doing nothing but practicing with them.  And I've already made a couple short mixes. ^_^

Also, <ER> now has its own Team Speak server, which is free to the public, so if you'd like to join the TS, or have any questions/comments to ask me or other <ER> members, check out the Team Speak page on this site.



WTF Series 1 for UT Released

Maps have been converted and i have tested personally with my UT copy. Everything works great
Very Happy

Only difference between UT version and Unreal version is that there are no grenades in it for UT, which isn't such a big loss since there were only 2 in the whole map pack Laughing

Hope this works for everyone...enjoy Smile

UT WTF Series 1



SUPRISE!!!  You all thought I died and that the project was never to be continued.....but GUESS what!?

You were wrong. :lol:

I have just released WTF Series 1!!! This has been tested, edited, re-worked, tested again, and raped thoroughly...so this is now the final release for WTF Series 1.

Also on a side note....i do know that this map pack may seem a little short to take 5 years in the making....well....thats what u get for this being my first map pack.


WTF Series 1

P.S.  First map is wtf.unr....sais so in the readme incase u don't read the readme lol

In other news...<ER> Servers are up and running once again!  woot!!  Thank you Socket1!



Unfortunately, its that time of year again.  Yes, school is starting up once more.  Which also unfortunately means that I must leave this safe haven I am currently at, and must return to my dark and gloomy dungeon which is the home that of my school.

In other words....my servers are going down again and I have no idea when I'll be able to get them back up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



I am finally back, the <ER> servers are finally up again, and yes i know I'm 2 days late shush...

Update on WTF Series 1:

WTF Series 1 now includes 2 intro maps INCLUDING a start map where you actually get to run around inside of the mother ship of your crew, the USS Shiva.  Yes....the USS Shiva....stfu.  The name fits...look it up if you don't know what it means.

In other news, I must add that their is going to be a hidden secret in one of the levels of WTF Series 1...and if you find it, you get a very special suprise xD.  And trust me, you'll know what it is when you find it....it's quite obvious.

Also added is a new texture package and music.

And so that's all the updates for now, will keep posted.



Invasion v1.1 has been released!  Check under Downloads --> Mods and Mutators.  Invasion mod also comes with Dm-Nyleve-Rain][ by Cheese & Shivaxi, and JooVision by Shivaxi & LOL_PEANUTS.  We also recommend getting UTWeapons and SUSongPlayer which just seem to go so well with Invasion.

In other news...

<ER> will be going down starting Augest 7th until Augest 16th or Augest 17th since Shivaxi is leaving during that time.



So, you all want to know about WTF Series 1 eh?  Well...THE TRAILER IS OUT!!!  (woot ^^)   And WTF Series 1 is coming out VERY soon!  Expect in within this month!

Check out the pwnage trailer!

>>>WTF Series 1 Trailer<<<   High Quality Version =)

The high quality version may not work for everyone...so if the link does not work for you, just watch this low quality version =P

WTF Series 1 is now included a 5th map, which is the intro movie sequence map to the whole series, and there is even dialouge included. ^^  But you still really need to read the story line in order to understand everything.

In other news...Uploaded HardKore Mix Part 2!  Go take a listen sometime =)




-  Musix section in nav bar.
-  Deleted Shivaxi's Internet Radio section, moved to Musix section
-  Deleted Chat Room section. (nobody uses it lol)
-  Uploaded first part of my HardKore mix.
-  Uploaded converted upak.u to work with 227 users. (Thanx to Dots for this one)
-  Uploaded some of my own .umx files that i've converted.


Quake to Unreal project!  Adaghar is putting together a team to convert all the Quake maps and all other Quake materials (weapons, monsters...) to Unreal.  All help is needed and appreciated...so if you think you can contribute in ANYway (mapping, converting, mesh's, scripting, weapons....) please go to the Members/Contact Info page and contact Adaghar by any of the following address's located there.



Was notified of the xConsole download link being broken, it is now fixed.  Also fixed icflame link.



Well, I haven't gotten my Linux yet...but im currently running my servers once again with the all new 227e patch from Oldunreal...and its running great =)

I will soon be hosting alot of requested files that only i have (for some reason) so yeah...expect some good shit soon =)
Also...Cheese's Invasion mod is just about finished and we made a new Dm map made specifically for Cheese's Invasion Game Type.  It is called Dm-Nyleve-Rain][.unr.  Don't ask why its # 2 lol...idk tbh.  Anyway, its basically a DM version of Nyleve, but its not just crappily thrown together...it turned out quite nice and we've gotten great feedback on it too.  It also features a rain emmiter to simulate pretty realistic looking rain...although the CPU load might lag you some...

We don't care though, so your gonna have to deal. =P

And no I don't have a release date for it yet =/




First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Second of all...the 227 patch for Unreal is out now!!!  Woo Smirf!!!  I'd put this up on my downloads page but Smirf is going to be updating the patch soon, so for now i will paste a link to the downloads page on Oldunreal.com




Woo!  I just finished my new album Restricted Area!  Yay!  Check it out here :)




There has been a HUGE update on the S3TC textures.  I would put the DL's up on my site, but sadly i ran out of storage room :P 

Anyway, you can get them at
www.oldunreal.com.  Diehard has posted the links in the Oldunreal forum :)  Also www.celticwarriors.com is hosting the downloads :)






Well first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And second of all, Killer Cat 2 is out! YAY!  I already put it up in the Noodle Productions section :)



Added 2 more of my movies to Noodle Productions...and added an Unreal Font u can download in the Misc. section.

Unreal Tournament 2007 is coming out January 1st!!!  Woohoo!!




Site production has increased in speed...hopefully more people will be checking this sight out and hopefully i will be able to continue site production.



OMG!!!   I got an XConsole!!! And i'm putting it up for Download!!!  YAY!



I got the Necris Skins Pack 1 on here now...i can't seem to find Necris Skins Pack 2 though...hmm



OMG!!!  I finally got my forums running!! YAY!



I got all the skins on here now (thank you Smirtsch) so thats good...ill keep updated



Well i gots some more stuff now so thats cool...still underconstrution though



Hello everyone, if there even is anyone here, im sorry to say that the site is still underconstruction but ill do my best at finishing it up.


How many ppl have been here since i added this counter :P