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Website:  www.torrentech.org

Profile/Stats:  http://www.torrentech.org/index.php?act=radiodj&code=showprofile&djid=54620

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Shivaxi's Sets Recorded by tT (128kbps):



Shivaxi's Sets Recorded by Shivaxi (320kbps):


(3/11/10) Return Of The Bi-Polar Sessions - Track List - The Bi-Polar Sessions is back!  Hour and a half this one, couldn't do a full 2 hour set like normal.  Opened up with Lost & Found by Task Horizon...something I've been saving for a while for a special occasion like this.

(10/22/09) First Time Live On Torrentech Radio / Track List - First time on tT Radio.  Had a few technical difficulties in the beginning, so it's just under an hour long, but it was a wicked set, as it was rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with 10 votes.  Everyone seemed to really like it to, so enjoy =)

(10/24/09) Once Upon A Time, In A 3rd Set... / Track List - Yes, the 3rd set.  Skipping the 2nd one cause it wasn't all that great.  This set here is the first time I've tried mixing nothing but the mellower side of DnB, and it came out pretty good, so I uploaded this one in HQ for everyone to hear ;)

(10/31/09) I lied...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! / Track List - Set that I did today way to early this morning. Played mostly creepy-ish sounding tunes that I could fine. Enjoy =)

(11/15/09) 8 CD's Mix / Track List - Another early morning set, except this came out a bit better.  Titled  8 CD's Mix because that's how many CD's I burned last night for this mix and that's as many as I used in this mix. All new tracks I've never DJed before also featured ;)

Shivaxi's Older Mixes

Since I have recently gotten my new turn tables, I am starting to do mixes live, instead of on the PC with a program.  Here are a couple I've recently did.  The first mix here was my very first attempt at DJing, and is quite bad...but I thought I'd upload it anyway so you guys can have a good laugh.  =P

First Attempt With CDJ's  Pretty bad in my opinion, but I'm no judge of my own work.

Second Attempt  MUCH better than my first, definitely give it a listen =)

CDJ Mix 3  All new songs and over an hour and 40 minutes!  More of the hard core stlye of drum and bass (minus the first song)  Best one out of all my mixes in my opinion.  Still the few mess ups here and there, but nothing too critical.

CDJ Mix 4  Even better this time round.  I even use some of my own songs in this mix....and no stupid scratching effects....minus one part where it actually came out good =P  Longest one too! Just a couple minutes under a full 2 hours ^^

February 2, 2009 - First live 2 hour set on GT Radio!

February 6, 2009 - Second time on GT Radio.  Another 2 hour set, better than the last =)  Featuring Nick (Lol_Peanuts) who was with me at the time, although he doesn't really say anything

March 22, 2009 / Track List - One of the First sets from the Bi-Polar sessions on SciFi Radio, featuring unreleased tunes by myself, Stunna, Smote, Electrosoul System, Flaco, and many more.

April 19, 2009 / Track List - Another 2 hour set on SciFi Radio featuring an all new tune by the one man Flaco, some unheard of InsideInfo tunes, and a few unreleased and possibly forth coming tunes from B-Complex.

May 10, 2009 / Track List - Dedicated to UnrealSP.org, as there was a request for the more "melodic" music.  All happy and upbeat music played on this one (minus the last 2 songs) and the very last song is specifically dedicated to all Unreal fans.  ;)

August 2, 2009 / Track List - SciFi Radio is back!  And along comes all new mix The Bi-Polar Sessions 4!  Wicked set tonight.  A few blurps here and there, (including one I did not notice, until I reviewed the mix, where the song I was going to come in with was audable during a quiet part in the current tune...sorry about that lol), but other than that, this is defintely a good set.

August 8, 2009 / Track List - The Bi-Polar Sessions 5 is here!  And MAN did I tear up the place with this one.  Only played the most hardcore DnB tunes in this one (minus the last song which was a request), and it's some of my best mixing.  A few mess ups again of course, but barely any this time round, so I must say this was probably my best set so far.  And I managed to cram in 37 songs in 2 hours too!

August 30th, 2009 / Track List - Extended edition of the Bi-Polar Sessions, as I was covering for a DJ who had to leave early. Wicked set featuring all new tunes from myself, B-Complex, Nosia, Seba, Luca, and even Bop, which I never thought I'd find myself DJing. Turned out to be wicked though. Crazy set, a must listen. ^^